Chris Cava - Songwriter/Acoustic Guitar Instrumentalist - Solo, Independent Artist

Chris picked up the guitar when he was 14 and hasn't stopped playing since.  . Although he has been described as a Modern Percussive Fingerstyle guitarist, with a flamenco/traditional twist, the sophistication of his playing belies the fact that he is still relatively young. As audiences watch his fingers dance across the fretboard, he brings a new and vibrant energy to the art form. Folks have compared him to a young Michael Hedges, who, by the way inspired Chris the most.


   “ Once or twice in a generation an artist or artists come along who almost defy description. Such is the case in the Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar area, with the legendary Michael Hedges, who I was  inspired by,  with his percussive and tapping techniques, without compromising the melody." 

" Listening to the music of the late, great Michael Hedges, is like listening to another world" 

                                                                                                    -Chris Cava 




Chris's original tune Storming Dreadnought, one of his first recordings at age 16, was a tremendous success for a young artist, and still a crowd favorite.

The following year, Chris released "Climbing The Red Sky", which displayed his talent in the form of traditional meets flamenco.

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