Chris Cava - Songwriter/Acoustic Guitar Instrumentalist - Solo, Independent Artist

Chris picked up the guitar when he was 14 and in a very short time he will take his place among the very best in the fingerstyle genre. Although his has been described as a Percussive Fingerstyle guitarist, with a flamenco/classical twist, the sophistication of his playing belies the fact that he is still relatively young. As audiences watch his fingers dance across the fretboard, whether he is performing one of his originals or a well known tune , he brings a new and vibrant energy to the art form. Folks have compared him to a young Michael Hedges which is interesting because that is who has influenced Chris the most.


Chris's original tune Storming Dreadnought was a tremendous success for a young artist as it reached the United Kingdom finding itself in the library and repertoire of Pop Up UK Music for Soundtrack and Production. Chris Cava received his first endorsement in 2017 while attending the NAMM Convention in Anaheim with Shaun Hopper and other musician greats that join the ranks alongside him. Gopherwood Guitars is pleased to be associated with Chris Cava. The next following year Chris obtained the Amplification Endorsement with Elite Acoustics Engineering, also known as EAE.






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